My nature wandering kit

September 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Lately, I've been hiking and wandering with a small amount of camera gear.  My current choice of gear is a Panasonic FZ300 and a Sony RX100.  I keep the FZ300 around my neck for wildlife opportunities and the RX100 in a LowePro Inverse 200 hip bag.  I'm quite surprised that LowePro discontinued this series of camera bag.

The FZ300 is a very enjoyable camera to use and excels at macro photography, especially if paired with my Raynox 150 macro lens.  If I encounter any landscapes that are beyond the capability of the FZ300, I have the RX100 in my hip bag.  Sony came up with a gem of a camera with the RX100 series.  The Zeiss lens and 1" sensor in a pocketable camera produce some wonderful photos.

In the hip pack, I carry a small notebook, a bug net, a water bottle, filters (polarizers and Raynox), and spare batteries.  There's plenty of room for a few snacks or a small lunch.  Sometimes traveling light is more liberating and shifts the emphasis from photography to enjoying time spent in nature.


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