Seeing in Sixes - Quiet Landscapes

September 07, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

For some time now, Lenswork magazine has published various Seeing in Sixes projects that have caught my attention.  These small bodies of work have made me think more about the subject I enjoy photographing.  The past few years, I have become more interested in the more intimate landscapes as opposed to the grand, spectacular vistas that I would emphasize in my earlier year of photography.

One of my most influential photographers, Eliot Porter, has devoted many books to the subject, and I particularly admire how he took the time and attention to emphasize these quiet scenes that can be found virtually everywhere.  I decided to look back at all the places we have been stationed and put together six images of some of the more subtle aspects of the natural world.  To me, they are no less fascinating and inspiring than some of the iconic scenes so commonly photographed.  Here are six images from New Jersey, Maine, Virginia, Alaska, Connecticut, and Puerto Rico.



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