The Inside Passage

February 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I've always dreamed about getting a 26' Nordic Tug and exploring the Inside Passage with my kayak strapped to the top and camera in hand.  The Inside Passage is full of glaciers, fjords, wildlife, and lies within the heart of the Tongass National Forest.


One of the most enjoyable trips we have done was taking the Alaska State Ferry from Haines, Alaska to Bellingham, Washington.  The Alaska State Ferry system travels throughout coastal Alaska and can access areas that larger cruise ships cannot safely navigate.  We lucked out and were able to obtain a cabin, but more adventurous travelers can camp out underneath the heated solarium or pitch a tent on deck (with a lot of duct tape!).


However, a cruise is also a wonderful way to travel.  There's nothing quite like getting up before sunset, grabbing a cup of coffee and wandering the decks in search of scenics to photograph.  Here are a few of my memorable photographs of Alaska's Inside Passage:



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