Memorable Moments: American Dipper

May 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

"Among all the mountain birds, none has cheered me so much in my lonely wanderings, none so unfailingly.  For both winter and summer he sings, sweetly, cheerily, independent alike of sunshine and love, requiring no other inspiration than the stream on which he dwells."

-John Muir


Alaska has some pretty impressive wildlife and visitors may encounter moose, bear, Dall sheep, wolves, and if on the water, seals, sea lions and several different species of whales.  Encounters with these dramatic species of wildlife can provide lifelong memories that inspire awe and splendor.


Less known but certainly no less impressive is the American Dipper, North America's only true aquatic songbird.  A little smaller than the Robin, the Dipper has always amazed me in its ability to thrive in challenging environments.  


In the winter, I would frequently grab my camera and explore local trails along Campbell Creek in Anchorage.  Many times I would encounter these little birds darting around underwater in search of food.  Their call can brighten up the gloomiest of winter days and bring back memories of spring.  Ten, fifteen, or twenty below, the American Dipper would always add warmth and brightness to my day.


If you have never heard its melodious song, click here.



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