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One of the best places in the world to photograph moose is Anchorage Alaska.  We were fortunate to live there for three years and photographing moose never got old.  They can be found nearly everywhere – parks, roadsides, wandering the streets, and (as you’ll see) right in your yard.  Photographing moose in Anchorage is much easier than in other parts of the world, and in my opinion, it is probably because they are quite habituated to human presence.


Moose certainly deserve respect however.  Imagine driving down the street or riding your bike on a trail and encountering a horse right up close.  That’s pretty much the size of them and the males (or bulls) with their enormous antlers appear much larger.  Also, the bulls get kind of cranky around mating time and females (or cows) get extremely protective of their young in the spring.


Nevertheless, it’s a lot of fun to photograph these majestic animals.  In our three years in Anchorage, I was very fortunate to be able to photograph moose in their natural habitat, their behavior, and just enjoy their presence.


If you are interested in photographing moose in Anchorage, here are my favorite spots, all easily accessible within the city limits:


Kincaid Park

Far North Bicentennial Park

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Chugach State Park


Here are some of my memorable moose photographs:


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