Powhatan Creek

July 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Took a quick trip back to Powhatan Creek this morning.  I wanted to see how far north I could get - there's virtually no development in the area and it looks like a great area to continue my project on Wetlands.  This part of the creek is ideal for paddle-craft - there's no way powered boats can negotiate the shallow water and many obstacles in the water.  The water level was quite low, but I was surprised how far up the creek I could travel.  It should be really nice come high water or after some good rains.


On my way back down, I came across a dragonfly on the surface of the water.  I picked him up, let him dry off a bit and then set him on some vegetation to recover.  Lots of dragonflies in the area, and they are quite fun to observe and photograph.


I couldn't resist converting a scenic photograph to a toned black-and-white.  I really enjoy the timeless quality to the areas that I have been paddling.  Here are some photographs:



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