Waller Mill Reservoir

July 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Waller Mill Reservoir supplies drinking water to our area and paddle craft and electric motors are permitted.  Most of the reservoir is crystal-clear providing great viewing opportunities for fish, turtles (some enormous snapping turtles), and the plant life at the bottom.  This morning I paddled the north side of the reservoir, leisurely exploring some of the small coves.  While in one of the coves, an Osprey dove into the water about 30 yards ahead of me in search of fish.  


There are a couple of Wood Duck nesting boxes throughout the reservoir.  I've been trying to photograph one from my kayak (my kayak is a 12' Wood Duck from Chesapeake Light Craft).  No luck this time.


This will be a spectacular place to return to when the leaves turn this fall.  I'll be ready!  Maybe they'll be some Wood Ducks to keep my Wood Duck company.



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