Morris Creek

July 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

Today was another day for paddling.  I forgot how much I have missed kayaking over the years.  I took a trip up Morris Creek which is part of the Chickahominy Wildlife Management area.  Once on the creek, the 21st century vanishes very quickly.  There are a couple of homes along the creek, but as you meander up the creek they quickly disappear.  This part of Virginia is where the 2006 film The New World was filmed.


There were many Ospreys, Bald Eagles, and Great Blue Herons looking for a meal.  Photographing birds is challenging enough - photographing from a kayak makes it even more tricky.  Drifting along, many songbirds can be observed in the trees and flying about.


The creek narrows considerably as you head north.  This is the perfect environment for paddle craft - I'd imagine that the power boats would have a very difficult time negotiating the many bends and shallow water.


I definitely plan on returning and exploring some of the tributaries of the creek.  Viewing the natural world from a kayak is a very special experience.  Here are a few images:



That is a handsome kayak. Did you build it yourself?
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