A quick paddle...

July 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This morning I took my kayak over to Powhatan Creek and took a leisurely paddle down the creek.  I haven't been kayaking for nearly three years, so it was very refreshing to get back on the water.  Powhatan Creek is a tributary of the James River and is a great spot to paddle - hardly any currents and very sheltered.  There is some development along the creek but nature abounds here - lots of birds, fish (BIG catfish that can give you quite a startle!), turtles, and tranquil scenics.


I look forward to more paddling in the area.  A couple of miles from here is Morris Creek - a part of the Chickahominy Wildlife Management area.  The area is so untouched that parts of the film The New World was shot there - should be lots of fun!  Here are a few pictures from today:



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